This  is a little jazz tune I made on pro-tools, I made up my own drumbeats on the BOOM insert. I recorded the chords with a celestial sounds, an organ for the melody, and the bass is a synth.  I ended with compressing all of my tracks and fading in the end.


I like this right here, I added some words, but Im just adding the beat. I play everything.

TitleMidermeanor Inst

Condenser Mics

Condenser microphones are among the most common microphones you will find in the studio.  Although generally more expensive than Dynamic Microphones, condenser mics have a much greater frequency response and transient response.  Frequency response refers to the way microphones responds to different frequencies. A transient response refers to the response to the microphone to a change from equilibrium.  Condenser microphones generally require the use of a power supply supported by 48 volt “Phantom Power” found in most mixing boards or external power supplies.

Recording At Home

When recording at home you’ll generally want to have a large-diaphragm condenser mic. If you are not supplied with phantom power you would have to consider a large diaphragm dynamic microphone like the Shure SM7B.

A dynamic microphone compared to a condenser microphone are much more rugged.  They are also especially resistant to moisture and other forms of abuse, which makes it the perfect choice onstage.  Dynamic mics are good for performances but condenser mics will always capture the sound in the studio.Condenser Mic

This is a little something I was working on in Music Tech class. I just modified the song Do you Think so that it sounded more polished, took out multiple tracks, compressed and EQ on several of the tracks to lighten them up also.

Titlebig song

This is the new year furreall

Im excited as I get started in my second year of music technology class.  Last year i had a great time learning all the equipment, now that i’m a little experienced it’s time to let loose and make some groovy tracks.  I am ready to start putting my music abilities to the test and i’m excited to be able to share some of the recordings I make at my home studio over this website.

yeahh reppin’ Sam Cooke for summerlovin’.  I recorded all instruments myself, but i don’t really understand the fuzz in the back..

TitleSam Cooke Sumertime Cover

The Marathon of Fright is an awfully scary upcoming event that will leave you super duper scared